On the front line, in alliance with nature

More than two decades fighting to save endangered species

CBD-Habitat, Biodiversity Conservation Award 2022 BBVA Foundation

Protecting the environment and endangered species

What we do

CBD-Habitat was founded in 1998 to save two iconic animal species from a shared fate: the Mediterranean monk seal and the Iberian lynx

Our efforts have led us to work with other species in global conservation projectsin global conservation projectsin different parts of the world.

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Monk Seal

The decisive moment

Iberian Lynx

The return of the prince

Large raptors

Winged allies

How we do it

Cooperation + innovation = conservation

Our global field projects are built on partnerships with key stakeholders in species conservation: fishers, farmers, ranchers, hunters, landowners, institutions, and local communities. Together we have achieved a great deal.

Working with endangered species is not an easy task: few specimens remain and they are difficult to find. This has led us to develop our own methodologies and technologies, innovations that have been widely used by other conservation projects around the world

Collaborate now

Join us on the front line

We need your help to protect these endangered species, to stem the loss of biodiversity on our planet and to restore the natural balance, for the good of all. Take part in this inspiring challenge and make a difference for a better future.

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