Imagine a place where you can experience first-hand the values of responsible tourism, conservation and sustainability.. A destination where you can encounter exuberant biodiversity and ancestral cultural traditions, all in one unique place.

Orango Parque Hotel is not just a tourist establishment, it is managed by a non-profit organisation (Associaçao Guiné Bissau Orangowith our foundation, CBD-Habitat, the Institute of Biodiversity and Protected Areas of Guinea Bissau (IBAPand the International Union for Conservation of Nature (UICN) as its main partners.

Orango Parque Hotel acts as a development centre for ecotourism in Guinea Bissau’s national parks, especially in the Bijagós Islands and the Orango and Joao Vieira Poilao National Parks. The hotel is the base for a number of cooperation projects developed jointly with IBAP: species conservation, construction of water wells and upgrading of health facilities.

Our main goal is to support the hotel with a view to achieving financial independence. In doing so, we will enable local staff to run the hotel and ecotourism activities with complete freedom.

Your stay at Orango Parque Hotel contributes to improving the quality of life of the local population and to the conservation of its extraordinary natural and cultural heritage.